Southern Maine TMS has had a great amount of success in the response and remission rates of those receiving TMS therapy for their depression. Out of over 200 patients, 93% saw a reduction in their depression symptoms. 67% of patients responded to the treatment, while 43%, well over a third, saw a complete remission of their depression symptoms. For the raw data of our response rates, please see our PDF.

    My life is different since I’ve had TMS because I have hope with the light of joy filling me. I can actually see and feel life all around me. Now that I’ve had TMS, I live my life with a clear mind. I can see the end of a thought or action path so I am able to make better decisions. TMS is the best thing I ever did for myself. I now have a new lease on life. Try it, you won’t regret it!– L


    Since I’ve had TMS I am much less depressed. I am able to feel positive and desire more social contact. I laugh more; am less fragile and feel alive again. I now can reach out and ask for help. I feel more positive about myself and my life in general. I am also better able to deal with significant losses and stress which are a daily part of my life at this time. If someone was contemplating TMS, I would say there is nothing to lose and possibly much to gain. Go for it! It gives new hope to people suffering from depression.– M


    My life is different now that I have had TMS in that my daily struggles seem more manageable. Now that I’ve had TMS I can hold a better conversation and enjoy it with less effort. Conversations are no longer work for me. I would tell anyone who is contemplating TMS that the staff is comforting and enjoyable and the procedure is not uncomfortable.– B


    My life is different now that I’ve had TMS in many ways. I don’t cry every day and think everyone would be better off without me. I wake up looking forward to each day. I can handle my pain a little better. Now, if that was gone, my life would be 100% better. I can now do things I couldn’t do before. I can laugh at simple things. I can have fun with my grandson and just watch him play. I am OK being alone. I am starting to life myself again. I would say to anyone contemplating TMS that is changed my life in a positive way. There were no side effects. Fantastic people made each treatment go quickly, very caring technicians.– S


    Now that I’ve had TMS, I have not been stuck in any black moods where everything is an effort. I have more energy and can actually enjoy being with people. TMS was more effective than any second antidepressant that I tried and there were no side effects like with the drugs. Days go by and I don’t have thoughts like ‘what’s the use?’ This allows me to appreciate what I can do. Also I laugh more and can have a sense of humor. I have been able to give up using any meds to help with getting and staying asleep. I would say to someone contemplating TMS – Try it; there are no negative side effects and you will feel better. I have found that participating in talk therapy (CBT) at the same time (and longer) supports a change in thinking patterns.– R


    TMS has been a significant help to my depression. Though I still battle with bouts of depression, there are many more frequent and longer lasting periods without the depression. I actually find myself happy upon occasion and haven’t felt that for more than a fleeting moment for years. The process is painless though time consuming. The atmosphere and the people are excellent and I can’t thank them enough. Dr. Jones and TMS were a great find in a world that only offered me more pills.– D


    My life is so different now because I no longer feel that there’s a dark cloud over me. My energy level increased shortly after starting the treatments and is still high after completing treatment. Even after treatment I have seen things improving. I’ve had much better will power to remain on my diabetic diet. My blood sugar levels have been much lower and more stable. I’ve been doing things to improve myself. I’ve lost 27lbs. since the treatment, thus lowering the necessary insulin dosages. I’ve actually been able to clean my home a little at a time here. I’ve been getting rid of old clothes and junk that has piled up over the years. Shortly after the start of treatment I have been sleeping much better and soundly. I now feel more self-confident. I now get out of bed and stay up all day. Every day I go out and try to find something to do. I would say to someone contemplating TMS – Do it!! Don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel changes happening immediately. Things will change and continue to change after finishing treatment.– T


    My life before TMS was full of darkness. I would sleep most days away and I had little or no interest in most things. Since I have had TMS, I have more self-confidence and I can think much clearer. I have a lot more energy. My concentration is greatly improved and I can now organize things faster and better. I find myself laughing more and looking forward to each day. I was scared at first of having the treatments but got more comfortable with each one. I haven’t had any bad side effects except for a slight headache which left quickly. My advice to anyone thinking about TMS is just do it! TMS has worked wonderfully for me.– P


    At 24 I experienced a traumatic, life altering event that haunted me for years. I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and generalized anxiety disorder with I finally sought help. I tried over 17 medications and continued weekly counseling. I had a few moments of feeling better. I was suicidal , angry at the world and wanted nothing more than death. After researching ECT, I found lots of information about TMS online. I talked with my psychologist about TMS and decided to go ahead with it. At the end of the first week I was skeptical yet hopeful, not noticing many changes. By the end of the second week, I realized I had done things that week I’d only dreamed of being capable of doing. Throughout the rest of my treatment things just got better. I was living again; I had happy thoughts and I felt good for a change. Feeling good was a strange concept to grasp. I am still learning how to live again. I recall driving down the turnpike on a rainy afternoon when I came to a wall of traffic and I sat for almost an hour in bumper to bumper traffic. Normally, I’d have been on the horn, cursing and throwing a nutty. All of a sudden there was a break in the sky and the sun came out. I opened the window, cranked the radio and just smiled to myself! I was thinking, “I just handled that so well, I was thinking how great the sun felt, how good it felt to be alive.” Since TMS, I am getting so much more out of my counseling. Things just click better, make more sense and I feel better and more capable of coping and dealing with daily life. I would recommend TMS therapy to anyone who is depressed. Just do it! I can’t say enough about the staff at Southern Maine TMS. I actually looked forward to going for treatment every afternoon. I am glad it’s over; happy to be back on track with life and I have a positive outlook on the future.– N


    Since I began TMS I am much stronger emotionally. I can work longer hours and focus better. I am not so easily overwhelmed. I am now better at organization and can cope better with adversity. I would day to anyone contemplating TMS to DO IT! It is a chance at a better life for you and your loved ones; a chance to live life to its fullest.– N


    Life now is such a blessing since I’ve had TMS. I can do quite a lot of things now that I had trouble doing before. I did them but it was forced. TMS is a painless treatment that’s definitely worth the effort. I did not feel the response immediately but others noticed the change in me and one day, it just hit me that things have improved.– D


    Before TMS my life was filled with gloom and despair. I couldn’t find a way out of my depression. I couldn’t even tolerate being in my own skin. Anything I once took pleasure in seemed like such a challenge to even think about. Getting the treatment was scary at first. I didn’t know what to expect. After a few short weeks I noticed I began feeling lighter and more aware of what was going on around me. I started to get some mental and emotional clarity and a sense of wellbeing. I clearly remember the day I full out belly laughed and realized that this treatment was really working for me. Finally, I had some relief. Since I have had TMS Therapy, I can now do and find pleasure in some of the little things in life like walk my dog, cuddle with my kitty, take a shower, get out of bed and spend time with family and friends. On a bigger scale I can now make commitments without fear of how I might feel in the future. I can belly laugh and can see the lighter side of life. I am caught smiling more often. I have found that I experience my life with more clarity and enthusiasm. I am more engaged in my life and the things that are important to me like spending time with my children. I feel more competent and confident in my relationships with other people. I take better care of myself and even put on make-up every now and then. I am grateful to have this opportunity to be myself again. I am experiencing my life now, not just watching it pass me by. I am looking forward to seeing what new adventures await me.– M


    I did it. I just completed my first year after my treatment with NeuroStar. I wondered when I began how long it would last. Well, I’m happy to say overall I am still doing well. I have had challenges along the way but have been able to manage them all with a better sense of comfort and safety and trusting myself to manage situations as they arise, process them, and then let them go. It still takes work, but he struggle is behind me now. I still ask myself how long will it last and right now I’m still happy with the results and the rest will figure itself out.– M


    My results from the NeuroStar treatment are like a pure miracle! I had tried over 50 different medications in a timeframe of eight years. My attempts included every self-help book I could get my hands on, endless exercise programs, vitamin regimens, herbology, acupuncture, alternative energy healing, several psychological work ups in Boston, brain PET and SPECT scans in Florida, attended various “positive thinking” seminars, weekend retreats at The Chopra Center in San Diego, to name a few. I had pretty much given up on ever feeling better.


    If I could recommend this to someone else I would say to do it. It just opens up a whole new world. You find yourself much more happier. Not so alone. Before this treatment, I was very depressed and in a dark and gloomy place. Alone. Always angry. I wouldn’t go to the mall. I wouldn’t go to the supermarket. I didn’t like crowds. I can go to malls now. I can go to Walmart. I can go to the grocery store. I volunteer now where I didn’t before. I like myself. I like my life. I like who I am.


    But now I’m a different person. It’s a different life. Its an experience that you can’t explain. But if I was to explain it, it’s like being reborn to a normal world, to a normal person.– A

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